International Conference on Ultrafast Optical Science

30 September - 02 October, 2024

P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS

Centennial of Prof. Nikolai Basov, Nobel Prize winner (1964)


This year the Conference will commemorate the Centennial anniversary of our colleague Nikolai Basov (born December 14, 1922), outstanding Soviet and Russian physicist and Nobel prize Winner. Working all his scientific life at P. N. Lebedev Physical Institute, Nikolai Gennadievich Basov played important role in the development of world laser physics, as one of the quantum electronics founders and the former LPI director. Most of the topics that are covered by our Conference have benefited from his genius. His detailed biography can be found in the book dedicated to the 95th anniversary of his birth: The second improved edition dedicated to the Centennial anniversary will be published in English in December 2022.

Plenary online presentation by Prof. Andrey Ionin, SPIE and OSA Fellow, Head of N.G.Basov Quantum Radiophysics Division