International Conference on Ultrafast Optical Science

02-06 October, 2023

P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email: (Tatiana Mamontova)

Local organizing committee

Sergey Bochkarev 
Organizing committee chair  
Tatiana Mamontova 
Organizing committee co-chair  
Stanislav Bezhanov
Website support  
Pavel Danilov
Georgy Krasin 
Jiajun Chen 


Section Contacts


Section 1: Extreme light.  
Andrei Brantov


Section 2: Ultrafast phenomena in ionized gases, semiconductors and metals.  
Sergey Uryupin


Section 3: Ultrafast laser technologies and structured light in micro-optics and nanophotonics  
Mikhail Kovalev 
Sergey Babin
Sergey Fedotov


Section 4: Diamond photonics  
Sergey Kudryashov 


Section 5. Femtosecond radiation in spectroscopy and optical frequency metrology.  
Dmitry Tregubov


Section 6: Ultrafast optical technologies and nonlinear optical phenomena  
Igor Kinyaevskiy
Fedor Potemkin


Section 7: Ultrafast laser technologies in biomedicine  
Sergey Gonchukov
Eteri Tolordava
Valery Tuchin