International Conference on Ultrafast Optical Science

September 28-October 02, 2020

P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS

Plenary Speakers

  • Y.Cheng "Femtosecond laser 3D micromachining: from research prototype to industrial tool"
  • A.Fedyanin "Ultrafast nonlinear optics in Mie-resonant dielectric nanoantennas"
  • P.Gaal "Optical generation and control of surface acoustic waves"
  • E.Glebov " Primary photophysical and photochemical processes for platinum metal complexes prospective in photochemotherapy of tumors"
  • I.Kostyukov "XCELS project: new source of extreme light and unique physics and applications"
  • P.Kazansky  "Advancing the science and art of ultrafast laser writing"
  • G.Leuchs "Intense ultrafast quantum light - prospect for large Kerr-squeezing"
  • A.Mysyrowicz " Cavity-free lasing from Nitrogen plasma filaments"
  • P.Planken " Detection of buried gratings underneath optically opaque layers using ultrafast electron dynamics and ultrafast  photo-acoustics"
  • M.Sentis " Pulsed Laser Plasma hard x-ray source for phase contrast imaging and applications in biology and material science"
  • D.Skryabin "Frequency comb generation in microring resonators with quadratic nonlinearity"
  • G.Steinmeyer "Ultimate quantum noise limit of frequency comb measurements: can we read out optical clocks with 10^-20 precision?"
  • V.R.Soma "Femtosecond Laser Materials Processing for Defense Applications: Recent Advances"
  • K.Sugioka " Femtosecond 3D processing fabricating functional micro and nanodevices"
  • S.Ter-Avetisyan " XCELS project: new source of extreme light and unique physics and applications"
  • F.Vallee " Linear and nonlinear ultrafast optical response of a single nano-object"
  • A.Zheltikov " Ultrafast nonlinear optics in the mid-infrared: Expanding the realm of optical physics"
  • E.Khazanov " Toward the next generation of high-peak-power lasers "
  • A.Yartsev " Understanding of charge carrier dynamics in semiconductors: importance of concerted time-resolved techniques "