International Conference on Ultrafast Optical Science

September 28-October 02, 2020

P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS


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Created in 2001 by two visionary experts in lasers, Amplitude Laser Group manufactures and commercializes ultrafast lasers for scientific, medical and industrial applications. Leading the international market since its beginning, Amplitude offers a large range of products:  diode-pumped ultrafast solid-state lasers, ultra-high energy Ti:Sapphire ultrafast lasers and a full line of high energy solid state laser products. Always at the cutting edge of technology, Amplitude equips its customers with reliable lasers with the purpose to support them up to the accomplishment of their projects.

The group consists of three manufacturing locations (Bordeaux and Paris in France, and Milpitas, CA., U.S.A.) and several commercial offices in Europe, Asia and North America. Amplitude and its 400 employees are committed to create and develop innovative lasers, manufactured compliantly with the highest quality procedures such as ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification standards.


Our ambition

Becoming the chosen partner for our customers’ projects means envisaging future uses of the ultrafast laser, for applications not yet imagined. Ultrafast laser technology is already implemented in multiple sectors such as physics and chemistry research, applied research, ophthalmology, electronic components, semiconductors. Thanks to both our technological research and our geographical reach, we can respond to an even wider field of applications in industrial, medical and scientific fields.

Our Strengths

A Multicultural Company
Our employees are our greatest strength! To face the challenges of today and tomorrow, Amplitude relies on the know-how and skills of all its employees located across North America, Asia and Europe. This diversity singles us out and also gives us a rich foundation in the sharing of knowledge.

Innovation From The Very Beginning
Since its creation, Amplitude has invested consistently in the design and manufacture of high performance, reliable and easy-to-use ultrafast lasers. We are no longer just a laser manufacturer, we are a major actor in both the technological and scientific communities, having been recognized with multiple awards:
> 2008 PhAST / Laser Focus World Innovation Award for Amplitude Laser
> 2012 Prism Award for our Satsuma laser for best industrial laser (San Francisco)
> 2013 Innovation award by I.N.P.I. – Insitut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle
> 2016 “Croissance Internationale” award by Biznext/La Tribune
> 2017 EUREKA award as best project of the year
> 2017 Tangor laser nominated as best industrial laser at Prism Award (San Francisco)

Quality and Reliability
As the international leader in ultrafast lasers, Amplitude is committed to the design and manufacture of reliable and easy-to-use lasers, adhering to the best quality standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification.  Amplitude ultrafast lasers are now known for their reliability, longevity and ease of use.

Our lasers

Lasers For Industry
Our range of industrial compact femtosecond lasers are the products of 18 years of experience in femtosecond laser technology and built in a production center certified by ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 9001:2015 standards.

Whether for micro-machining, pixel repair, cornea cutting, or mores, these lasers were conceived specifically to respond to the different and emerging needs of our clients.

Lasers for Science
We specialize in high energy ultrafast lasers using Ti :Sapphire and Yb technologies.

Based on our unique laser engineering capabilities, we offer Petawatt class Ti :Sapphire lasers associating performance with flexibility. We guarantee specifications as measured by our de facto standard proprietary metrology tools. Leveraging the advantage of the Amplitude group leading Yb core technologies, we also offer high repetition lasers for researchers in the fields of accelerators,
material science and life science.

Nanosecond Advanced Lasers
Our product family of Nanosecond Advanced Lasers offers specific and original Laser solutions in response to the ever more innovative demands of our customers. Combining the know-how of the various companies of the Amplitude group, our offer ranges from millijoule to kiloJoule, from near infra-red to UV, or also from sub-ps to µsec with variable temporal pulse shapes.

We address scientific applications (OPCPA pumping, Ti:Sa, Laser driven Shock coupled to the largest accelerators, Visar, Thomson scattering plasma characterization …) but also industrial applications (Laser shock peening, Laser Bond Inspection …) with the ambition to support the success of our customers.