International Conference on Ultrafast Optical Science

September 28-October 02, 2020

P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS

Visa to enter Russia


We can assist in acquiring visa by sending an official invitation from our Institute, which is submitted to Russian embassy or consulate (or given to the agency that assists in acquiring it). For citizens of EU humanitarian visa (for scientific visits) to enter Russia is free, but agencies may, of course, ask payment for their work.


For issuing the invitation, we require the following information:

  • Dates of your arrival and departure (conference is 28.09-02.10, so 25.09-05.10 is enough).
  • Scan of your international passport (also required later for providing a pass to the conference venue).
  • Citizenship.
  • Current residence.
  • Current workplace and position.
  • City with Russian embassy/consulate where you will apply for visa.

If you plan to travel with your family or other accompanying persons, all the mentioned information is required from them as well.


Citizens of some countries can enter Russia without a visa. We still ask to send us the scan of the international passport, as it is required for issuing a pass to the conference venue.